Our Concrete Services

New for 2016 we are able to offer full concrete delivery services.

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NEW FOR 2016

Full Volumetric Concrete Services

We can provide both small & large quantities of concrete. This can be delivered via our brand new, state of the art volumetric lorries. We have the ability to mix on site via our dedicated onboard mixing systems. By mixing on site you are gaining the perfect consistency and only paying for the exact quantity you require.

Larger quantities of concrete can be delivered in our drum mixer lorries after being pre-loaded at our new batching plant. It is crucial with our rotary drum concrete mixer that you know the required amount and you are ready for the concrete “on arrival”. We only have a limited time window from the original loading at our base, to arrival on your site.

Concrete is available via metre cube volumes and our concrete mixer delivieres range from 1 cube to 8 cube for the drum mixer vehicle.

Concrete Blocks

We also have the ability to manufacture concrete “lego” blocks. These are a very cost effective solution when looking to construct blocking drives or retaining walls quickly and safely.

Residential Concrete Services

Whether you are looking for a shed or summer house base, to foundations or footings for an extension or conservatory – we are the perfect local concrete company for you! We treat all our jobs the same and are just as happy supplying the small home owner jobs as the larger construction projects. You are guaranteed the same, very high, hockley concrete standards!

“We are always looking to expand our services and our new Hockley Concrete services does just that!”