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  • Road Surfacing/Resurfacing

  • Cold Milling

  • Paving

  • Anti Skid Surfacing

  • Car Park Surfacing

  • Planings

  • Machinery Movements


High Quality Surfacing, Resurfacing, Machine Movements and Concrete

Hockley Surfacing Limited takes pride in the fact we achieve high quality surfacing & resurfacing by using our own teams of skilled personnel, with the very latest technology coupled together with the very best machinery available for the purpose required.

We are privately owned and currently concentrate on the South of England region covering Sussex, Kent & Surrey from our Uckfield base especially for our specialist service of high quality road re surfacing work.

We are constantly updating our fleet of vehicles and machinery when ever required in order to allow us to always complete every job to the highest quality of finish in the most efficient of ways.

Our machinery and vehicles are sourced from the industry leading brands which includes the likes of Vogel, Hamm, Wirtgen, Mercedes Benz and Vauxhall. We also stay on top of regularly maintaining these vehicles to ensure that they are ready to tackle each and every job as well as the day they left the factory!

It is this dedication to detail that see’s us in the strong position of approved contractors for East Sussex county council amongst others.

We have now been trading for over 21 years and as any long standing business will testify to you need to have a strong reputation and proven history of quality workmanship to survive this long in any industry or business!

We are proud to say this is who we are and this is what we can do for you whether you are a public authority or a private commission.

We are registered ISO 9001(2) | Hapas Approved | Use only Fully Skilled operators all with CSCS/CPCS Cards & NRSWA accreditations.

We welcome all and any enquiries and can provide no obligation quotes for the smallest to largest re-surfacing/surfacing jobs you may require.



Your Quality Assurance

HAPAS Approved Products

Hockley Surfacing Contractors ensure that all materials we use for any of our surfacing work has gained accreditation with Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme or HAPAS.

This is a series of tests that allow a new product to be approved or certified as suitable for use when defining the specification for the forthcoming highways work.

More information on the HAPAS scheme can be found by clicking here and visiting the British Board of Aggregate site.

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ISO 9001 (2)

ISO 9001:2008 specifies requirements for a quality management system. For Hockley Surfacing Ltd to gain this award we needed to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide product’s that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

We also had to show that we aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our registered ISO 9001 (2) status backs up our commitment to provide the very best job and materials at all times and on all jobs. You can find out more on ISO by clicking here.

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Fully trained & qualified operators at all times

Hockley Surfacing Limited only employ or contract fully trained and registered operators.

This ensures peace of mind as all operators have received full training for the machinery they are operating and also the Health & Safety implications for the environment they are in whether this is a private car park or a main public highway.

CSCS Card holders

We ensure all our staff are CSCS Card holders. This is a guarantee that the operators are professional and aware of not only how to complete the job efficiently and in the right manner but that they are aware of all Health & Safety issues both for themselves and the environment they are operating in.

More information on this scheme can be found by clicking here to visit the CSCS website.


NRSWA Trained Operators

NRSWA refers to the New Roads and Street Works Act of 1991. This act governs how companies can operate on the nations highways and all work on the highway must comply with this act. It governs the placing of equipment, safe operating of this equipment and the time taken to complete the job which must then be of a satisfactory quality.

The most important feature of this act was that Highway Authorities and Contractors should co-operate with each other to ensure that disruption to all road users was minimised as far as possible, the integrity of the highway structure was maintained and that the safety of those using the highway was not compromised.

By contracting Hockley Surfacing you can be assured that the job will be completed in line with the directives set out within the NRSWA act as all operatives and supervisors have received training in their duties with regard this act.

CPCS Card holders

We ensure all our plant operators are CPCS Card holders. This is a guarantee that the operators are fully trained in how to operate the plant machinery we utilise and have an understanding of Health & Safety implications at all times. The CPCS scheme is recognised as the largest and most highly recognised scheme for the plant industry.

More information on this scheme can be found by clicking here to visit the CPCS website.